Leoric - Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light Review And Look At This San Diego Comic - Con Mighty Muggs Exclusive

Leoric - Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light Review And Look At This San Diego Comic - Con Mighty Muggs Exclusive
As an avid collector of Mighty Muggs it was just a matter of time before I got my hands on this excellent addition to my growing Mugg collection. In the past few years Hasbro has released an exclusive Mighty Mugg at SDCC and Leoric from Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light was a great choice this year. You may ask why? I'll get to that shortly and while I couldn't make it to this years San Diego Comic-Con (2016) to pick it up in person, I finally managed to grab one directly from Hasbro!

Leoric Mighty Muggs Guide:
Leoric Mighty Muggs Guide
Visit to read more about this Mighty Mugg and view the visual guide!

Let's refocus our attention on Leoric and who he and the Visionaries are, because many of you may be scratching your heads saying you've never heard of either. In 1987, Hasbro launched a comic book run and television series titled: Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light. It was a short lived TV series that ran for 1 season across 13 episodes. Although it was unsuccessful in continuing through multiple seasons, the series itself is / was quite good. The unique characters, interesting storyline, quality animation (at the time) and great voice acting made this an excellent animated show. I recommend checking it out!

Leoric is the leader of the Spectral Knights and prince of New Valarak. He possesses the totem of the Lion as well as carries a power staff, which bestows him wisdom. Both of these help him lead his Knights to victory! What more do you need to know! :)

Leoric Mighty Muggs Exclusive
Given that brief overview of Leoric and the Visionaries, I'll get to why this was a great choice for this years exclusive Mugg. Personally I believe it was a great choice for a couple reasons: Leoric is a unique, visually interesting character and Hasbro found a way to reinvent a past project in the form of a modern collectible. Reinventing retro pieces is very popular these days and Hasbro made it work with this Mighty Mugg!

Overall, this vinyl collectible is excellent. The simple design and specific character details of this exclusive are top notch. More specifically the lion hologram on his chest is executed very well and a great edition to bringing the piece together. My only gripe is that he did not come with his power staff, which I thought would have been an obvious edition. Your thoughts on it? Feel free a to leave a comment down below!


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